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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy New Year!

The beginning of the academic year brings a mix of emotions to us university professors: sadness at the ending of summer; joy at reconnecting with students and faculty; and the anticipation of holidays. 

And, yet, we academics look at holidays differently than the rest of the family--hell, differently than the rest of the country. 

For those of you with an academic in your life, I offer the following primer as insight into why our eyes glaze over in horror in reaction to holiday dinner invitations or the conversation opener: “What are you doing over the holidays?” 

I’ll start at the beginning of the year, which for academics is the end of summer.

Mid to late August means for academics: Happy New Year! For everyone else: end of summer

Labor Day: Final syllabus cram!  ... BBQ!

Columbus Day: Midterms! ... Sales!

Thanksgiving: Grading Catchup!  ... Family Turkey Time!

December 22:  Start holiday shopping!  ... Ready for the holidays!

Christmas/Hannukah: Sleep! ... Turkey Family time!

January 1: Spring syllabus planning! ... Happy New Year!

Easter: Midterms! ... Easter!

Mid-May: Summer! ... Rainy season.

So the next time you invite an academic over for Thanksgiving dinner and he or she asks if you have wifi, just remember: s/he’s trying to figure out how to balance enjoying that dinner with you, but s/he’ll be working on a laptop during the big game.

Happy holidays!